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What should B+LNZ be doing in our region?

We are looking for new B+LNZ Farmer Council members for the Central South Island region. Could that be you?
Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why put yourself forward for your Farmer Council?

  1. It’s a great opportunity to “give back” to your sector and local community, but in a relaxed way and alongside other like-minded people.
  2. You will pick up new skills and knowledge and attend conferences that can benefit you personally and professionally, including an annual conference in Wellington where Farmer Council members from around New Zealand get together and exchange ideas and successes.
  3. Have a direct say in what happens in your region. What events should be run? What information is relevant to you and your fellow farmers?
  4. Be part of the bigger picture: find out what research is happening; understand and contribute to local and national policy; learn about work underway in the farmer/environmental space.

What’s required of you?

Not as much as you might imagine.

The council – made up of about 10 farmers, three industry professionals and local B+LNZ extension manager Laura Gray – meets four times a year in different locations around South Canterbury and Otago.

Individual council members might also meet with local farmer groups that are organising field days or managing projects.

How long are you expected to be on the council?

There is no set term, but at least one year. Hopefully, you’d find it so positive that you’d want to be involved for more like two to four years, but it’s entirely up to you. 

Existing council members say:

  • “You get a say in research and have access to B+LNZ programmes around the country. This helps my returns behind the farm gate.”
  • “You meet people that are experts in their field. Having personal conversations with them helps broaden my ideas and gives me the confidence to try new things.”
  • “You get a lot out of the council and meet like-minded people.”
  • “Get involved. There isn’t as much time involved as you may think, yet the rewards are priceless.”
  • “You come away with knowledge, networks and connections.”


Give your Central South Island Extension Manager Laura Gray a call on 03 448 9180 or email her at Laura.Gray@beeflambnz.com