We need you to have your say on agricultural emissions

We need you to have your say now in support of the best option for farmers as the government considers how to handle agricultural emissions in the coming years.
Monday, 22 July 2019

The government is currently consulting on two proposals that will determine how agricultural emissions are handled in the lead up to 2025. We need you to have your say now in support of the best option for agriculture and support Option Two: the Primary Sector Climate Change Commitment – before submissions close on 13 August.

Option one, proposed by the Interim Climate Change Committee (ICCC), is calling for an interim processor levy to be put in place by 2021 to fund the development of a farm-level emissions pricing framework which would come into effect from 2025. Funds raised through this levy would be reallocated by the government to fund both the development of the farm-level emissions pricing mechanism, as well as other agricultural emissions reduction activities. Option one from the ICCC won’t incentivise on-farm behavioural change as there’s no ability to reward farmers who are making a difference, and as a result will likely just see money that could have been used on farm be redirected elsewhere without any meaningful benefit on farm.

Option two, developed by the agricultural sector and supported by 11 organisations, is the Primary Sector Climate Change Commitment, and it is an evolution of the ICCC’s proposal. Crucially, instead of an interim processor levy, the Commitment would see levy organisations re-prioritise resources from their existing levy streams into developing the farm-level emissions pricing framework and supporting on-farm emissions reductions and offsetting activities. The agricultural sector is best placed to work closely with farmers and scale up its already significant investment in supporting environmental work on-farm that will deliver real and quicker benefits for emissions reductions, farm offsets, and other areas such as biodiversity, soil health, and water quality.

The primary sector is united in its support for the Primary Sector Climate Change Commitment, which is why we need you to visit www.mfe.govt.nz and click on “Action on agricultural emissions: our proposals, your views” make a submission in support of Option two – the Primary Sector Climate Change Commitment.

The Ministry for the Environment is also running a series of public consultation sessions around the country, and we strongly encourage farmers to get along to these events to show their support for the Primary Sector Climate Change Commitment. Full details of these are included at the bottom of this email.

While the government has been receptive to the Commitment so far, we need to demonstrate that the Commitment is supported by farmers who know that taking ownership of their own future and emissions, without the need for an interim processor levy, is the way ahead.

You know your farm better than anyone, make sure you have your say on the future of how agricultural emissions are handled.

B+LNZ will also be updating the Primary Sector Climate Change Commitment page on our website with additional information in the coming days. Please also contact corina.jordan@beeflambnz.com if you want further information about making a submission.

Public consultation sessions: