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Tools and resources

Good farm business planning is critical in helping sheep and beef farmers increase productivity and profitability.
Monday, 9 September 2019

The Red Meat Profit Partnership has developed a great range of tools and resources to help farmers measure farm business performance and make decisions based on robust data and evidence.

RMPP’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) is a useful tool to assist farmers in measuring farm business performance.

The KPIs are designed to enable year-on-year trends to be identified on-farm and benchmarked within a region and farm class. They are available as online tools that allow farmers to enter their own farm data, then view and track farm performance. 

To assist farmers, a booklet is available to explain more about KPIs, why they are important and how they are used. To request a copy, please email

Meanwhile, the online business planning tool BizPlan is helping farm businesses identify goals and develop an action plan to assist in achieving these.

The aim of the tool is to get ideas that farmers consider important to their business on paper and for these to be used as a document to remind and encourage them to focus on these throughout the year.

Users work through four different areas, production, business, environment and people and for each of these areas, they’re asked the same questions. Once the appropriate box is ticked, new questions that narrow the focus are asked. Any information users input is kept private and is password protected.

Also proving popular is the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Knowledge Hub, which is home to a range of learning modules covering topics that have been identified as important to red meat farmers and rural professionals. Visit the Knowledge Hub to see what’s available.

For more information, please visit