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Staying well: Six tips

This year, many B+LNZ Farm Safety Management System workshops and other events will include free Stay Well health checks for farmers.
Monday, 6 March 2017

These seven minute checks happen during breaks in the workshop or event with a registered nurse on hand. You'll answer a quick questionnaire before having your blood pressure checked and BMI measured. You'll also give one drop of blood to check cholesterol and glucose levels. If any results are outside the norm, you’ll be encouraged to visit your doctor. 

Six tips for staying well

  1. Drink plenty of water – especially on these hot summer days.
  2. Exercise to smell the roses (not just digging more post holes!) – preferably off farm with other people.
  3. Eat well – regularly and lots of coloured vegetables on your plate. 
  4. Rest well – most farmers are chronically sleep deprived, compromising their physical and mental well being.
  5. Keep a work diary to celebrate progress and prioritise tasks.
  6. Get an annual check up with the doctor, especially once you hit 40. Many diseases can be treated and controlled if they are caught early.

What is Stay Well?

Waikato dairy farmer,Joyce Brown, started Stay Well in 2013 to improve farmer awareness around their health. A registered nurse, Joyce now works with a team of 25 nurses and volunteers around New Zealand who carry out the Stay Well checks at field days and events.

Visit the Stay Well website for more information.

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