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Southland Water and Land Plan

Regional councils have plans that dictate what you can and can’t do on your farm. When these plans are being developed or changed, councils seek community feedback. This is your chance to have an impact on what the final plan will look like.

Public hearing

The public hearing is your opportunity to stand up and share your thoughts with the decision makers. It’s a chance to explain your submission in more detail and to introduce evidence to support your written submission. The hearing is where you can have maximum impact and effect.

When is the hearing?

‘The hearing’ is actually a series of small hearings, across the region between 22 May and 29 September 2017.

View the hearing schedule on the Environment Southland website.

Who is on the hearing committee?

The hearing committee is made up of councillors and/or independent commissioners. They are neutral and their role is to listen to arguments for and against the plan.

View the hearing report the commissioners were supplied with on the Environment Southland website.

Who can speak at the hearing?

You need to have made a submission – and indicated that you’d like to speak to it – to be able to speak at the hearing.

What's next?

A decision on the final format of the Southland Water and Land Plan is expected in late 2017.