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RMPP Action Network

Beef + Lamb New Zealand is a partner in the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Primary Growth Partnership programme, which concludes in September 2020.
Wednesday, 27 November 2019

A transition plan, which covers all initiatives developed by RMPP, is currently being finalised and this includes the RMPP Action Network.

The Action Network is a programme that supports farmers to develop the confidence to turn ideas into action on-farm. Action Groups, made up of seven to nine farm businesses, are farmer-led and supported by trained facilitators who help guide and identify experts who can share new knowledge and ideas needed to achieve on-farm goals.

The RMPP Action Network team has recently transitioned into B+LNZ. At a farmer-level, you will see no change. Transitioning early allows us to explore how the RMPP Action Network model works and how it can be integrated into our business. We are currently developing a plan to identify what this will look like post-September 2020.

For B+LNZ, the RMPP Action Network represents an opportunity to use the learnings from the current programme and adapt to use alongside existing extension tools.

There have been two key learnings in using the Action Network Extension and Adoption model - working and learning alongside other farmers and having access to advice from trusted independent experts to grow the confidence to make on-farm changes and improve farm businesses’ bottom-line. The RMPP Action Network provides the support framework for these two areas.

We will provide you with a further update next month once the plan is approved. For any enquiries, please contact John.ladley@beeflambnz.com