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Return of Red Meat Profit Partnership workshops

Back by popular demand, the Red Meat Profit Partnership is repeating two workshops for sheep and beef farmers next year – Farm Business Transition and Succession, and Aspiring to Farm Business Management and Ownership.
Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The Farm Business Transition and Succession workshops are being offered in 20 locations throughout New Zealand. Workshops are limited to eight farm businesses with a maximum of four members from each business.

Each workshop is fully funded by RMPP with participants required to attend three half day workshops spread over a three-four-month period followed by a one-on-one clinic.

The workshops take farm businesses through the transition and succession of a farm business.

Workshop one recognises the importance of understanding what all family members want and need from the transition and succession process. An essential first step in the development of the family farm business transition and succession plan.

Workshop two focuses on establishing and maintaining strong management foundations in the family business.

Workshop three covers all aspects of farm ownership models and ties all the learnings from the three workshops together.

At the end of the workshop series, participants can attend a 90-minute one-on-one clinic with a facilitator which provides the opportunity to discuss individual/family issues.

Aspiring to Farm Business Management and Ownership is a one-day workshop aimed at anyone wishing to manage or own a sheep and beef farm business. Ten workshops will be offered throughout New Zealand and each one is limited to 16 individuals.

Fully funded by RMPP, the workshop covers the vision, values and strategy for individuals or couples aspiring to farm business management or ownership. It will focus on the many ways to enter farm ownership – share-farming, leasing, equity partnership or straight-out purchase. Advice on communication, business management, what bankers look for, governance and building and keeping equity will also be provided.

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