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Multi-media resource covers lucerne management over winter

Lucerne plays an important role on many sheep and beef farms, but to maximise its yield potential the forage crop needs to be actively managed over winter.
Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Weed control, winter grazing and recovery management are all critical to ensuring lucerne is set-up to generate high-quality feed over spring and summer. 

Lucerne videos

Professor Derrick Moot from Lincoln University has, in conjunction with Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ), put together a series of short, informative videos covering best-practice management of lucerne stands over the cooler months.

Presented in a USB-stick, the Lucerne Management video topics include winter grazing management, winter weed control, lucerne recovery in winter and soil moisture status in both deep and stony soils.

Podcast and written info

While titled Lucerne Management Videos, the resource caters to all learning styles by including a podcast and downloadable summary paper and fact sheet. 

The podcast – also presented by Derrick – covers all aspects of lucerne management – including establishment and fertility requirements as well as grazing management.   

The summary paper looks at the establishment and management of lucerne and a fact sheet summarizes feed planning in a tough season.

How to request the USB stick

Free to B+LNZ levy payers, the Lucerne Management Video USB is available on request by emailing