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M. Bovis update: Keep calm and carry on

Following the M. Bovis outbreak, we have heard reports of some farmers struggling to sell calves, due to other farmers’ concerns around the disease spread. This update is intended to clarify the current situation.
Wednesday, 13 September 2017
  1. Testing indicates that the disease is contained to known or suspected infected properties and that localised spread has not occurred. If you’re buying from any other property – including properties next to infected properties – the risk is very low.
  2. From a broader perspective, if M. Bovis was to become endemic to New Zealand, it is unlikely to cause any significant production or animal welfare impacts for sheep and beef farms. Dairy farms and calf rearers, if infected, may be more impacted – but, even then, it is manageable.
  3. Well-kept NAIT records have been invaluable during the post-outbreak period. If you don’t keep good NAIT records, now would be the time to start.

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