Legal changes to B+LNZ’s Farm Safety Management System

Recent changes to WorkSafe regulations around hazardous substances has prompted Beef + Lamb New Zealand to amend its Farm Safety Management System to ensure it is compliant.
Thursday, 19 April 2018

Exigent Risk Management who, on behalf of B+LNZ, developed and delivered the Farm Safety Management System (FSMS) to farmers throughout the country, is asking those who have attended FSMS workshops to download the revisions off the B+LNZ website, or contact B+LNZ to request a hard copy.

These changes specifically relate to the Hazardous Substances Safe Work Procedure and the Hazardous Substances Inventory. It is now a legal requirement to complete an inventory of all hazardous substances held on a farm.

Download revised pages

To download and print the revised pages (13, 28, 42-43, 51-54) visit:

Request a hard copy

Or to request a hard copy of the revised pages, email your name and postal address to:

Hard copy requests will be sent out from mid-May 2018.