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Introducing Ram4Ram

Ram4Ram compares the difference in profit two rams will deliver over their lifetimes.
Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Thanks to the major software and infrastructure upgrades to B+LNZ Genetics’ genetic engine, every ram sold by a SIL breeder now has a single “index” figure. It’s one number that tells you how good that ram really is and it’s comparable across all connected SIL rams, regardless of breed. The higher the index, the better the ram.

Dual purpose rams have a “Maternal Worth” figure (NZMW), while terminal rams have a “Terminal Worth” figure (NZTW).

How to use Ram4Ram

When you’re deciding between two rams, ask your breeder for their NZMW or NZTW figures. While the rule is “the higher the index the better the ram”, Ram4Ram takes the decision making a step further.

Generally, the better ram will be more expensive. Ram4Ram highlights the marginal cost of a better ram versus the greater return that ram will make over his working life.

For example, the better ram may be $200 more expensive. Ram4Ram crunches the numbers - based on your operation’s production goals - and can tell you how many more dollars he will make you.

Be prepared for some pleasant surprises and to reconsider how much rams are really worth to your business.