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How safe is your farm?

This 60-second survey involves six simple questions about safety systems on your farm. If you answer “yes” to all six questions, then you are “good to go”. If you strike one or more “no” answers, keep reading.
Monday, 27 February 2017

Where to now?

Hemi Morete from Exigent Risk Management – the company which developed the B+LNZ Farm Safety Management System and delivers our workshops – shares his four steps to getting on top of farm safety.

1) Legally, you must have a safety management system for your farm. If you don’t, contact your B+LNZ Extension Manager and sign up for a B+LNZ Farm Safety Management System workshop asap. You go home with a simple, easy-to-use safety management system for your farm and advice on how to put it in place.

2) The workshop provides you with a 90% solution, but you still have to make it fit your own farm. That means assessing the risks and then either eliminating them or reducing them to a safe level. This is simpler than it sounds and is explained in detail in the workshops.

3) You have a legal requirement to tell your employees, contractors, and work-related visitors about the risks wherever they are working on your farm. The workshops explain how to do this. 

4) Even the best system won’t stop things from going wrong, so make sure you’re adequately prepared for emergencies. Have appropriate first aid kits in the right places and ensure someone on the farm has completed a first-aid course.

Bottom line

If you haven’t already made it to a B+LNZ Farm Safety Management System workshop, get along to one as soon as you can. It is the most streamlined way of helping you meet your legal obligations and making your farm a safer place.

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