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Adverse weather

How to prioritise your stock

While much of the country has received welcome rain, there are still regions experiencing extremely dry conditions. Now is the perfect time to prioritise your stock. It helps decision making around selling animals, feeding supplements or sending stock to grazing.
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Priority stock are those that are essential for your medium- to long-term recovery. In most instances, this will be capital stock.

Here’s how you work out the priority stock within your operation.


1) Use this table to list the different classes of stock on your farm.

2) Now rank each class/mob in terms of its medium-term importance to your farm system and your longer-term recovery from drought. Rank the most important stock class as 1, through to your least important stock class.

3) The current condition of each class of stock is also an important consideration. In the far right column, state the current average condition – Very Light, Light, Good, Very Good, Fat.

4) Now you should have enough information in front of you to objectively consider which class or mob of stock make sense to be “first cab off the rank”.

This information comes from the B+LNZ Extreme Dry Management Toolkit.

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