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Fine tuning heifer mating

B+LNZ Genetics has produced an informative two-page guide called ‘Birth to first pregnancy’, which covers off key points to help maximise your heifer mating success.
Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The key message is get heifers in calf early. Why?

  1. It sets her up for lifetime performance.
  2. The heifer has longer time to get back into calf.
  3. She will stay longer in the herd.
  4. She will wean a heavier calf.

There are also tips around weight versus condition score, days to the bull, and the genetic traits to target if you want to improve your heifer mating rates.

You may also want to watch the Heifer Mating Carpool Karaoke video (filmed for the Virtual Beef Breeder Forum 2018, featuring B+LNZ Genetics’ Max Tweedie and AbacuBio’s Dr Jason Archer), which is full of great information.