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FE webinars highlight management options

Warmer temperatures bring with them an increased risk of Facial Eczema, but there are management strategies that can help minimise the impact of this production-limiting disease.
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Beef + Lamb New Zealand, along with DairyNZ and Deer Industry New Zealand, have produced a series of three webinars outlining the mechanics of the disease and the short and long-term management strategies that will help reduce the animal health and financial losses caused by Facial Eczema (FE).

The webinars, which are presented by Waikato vets Emily and William Cuttance, cover every aspect of the disease and its management.

The first looks at the current situation of FE and the tests used to measure the presence and impact of the disease – and their efficacy. It also looks at future possibilities of FE.

Webinar two looks at effective FE management practices and, with a focus on cattle, looks at how breeding can be used to build FE tolerance.

The final webinar focuses on sheep and deer and looks at the strategies proactive farmers have adopted that help minimise production losses. It also discusses ways of creating tension for a change in the way FE is being managed.

The three webinars are able to be accessed on the right-hand side of the following DairyNZ website page: https://www.dairynz.co.nz/animal/cow-health/facial-eczema/