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Extension 350 Programme underway

This farmer-led mentoring and extension programme is designed to lift the profitability, environmental sustainability, on-farm performance and wellbeing of Northland farms.
Wednesday, 7 June 2017

B+LNZ is one of the funders behind this five-year programme, which will facilitate 10 “clusters” of farmers - three sheep/beef and seven dairy. Each cluster runs for three years and in total is made up of 50 target farms, 50 mentor farmers and 250 associate farmers. 

What does a cluster look like?

Each cluster involves five target farms. 

Advice and direction is provided to each target farm by a farm consultant and this relationship is supported by a mentor farmer. 

Target farmers and mentor farmers then interact and influence a surrounding group of associated farmers, further spreading the benefits throughout the farming community.

Current status

Two clusters – one sheep/beef and one dairy – have now been established, with a third (dairy) being pulled together, currently.

Management and funding

Extension 350 operates across a range of organisations that have a significant interest in Northland’s pastoral sector and the potential economic impact for the region.

A project manager works with the steering committee, made up of an independent farmer chair and representatives from key stakeholder/funding groups: B+LNZ, Dairy NZ, Ministry for Primary Industries and the Northland Regional Council. 

Find out more

Contact Alison Whiteford, B+LNZ Northern North Island extension manager at alison.whiteford@beeflambnz.com

Visit the NorthlandNZ website