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B+LNZ taking action following Taratahi closure

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) is concerned that the closure of the Taratahi Agricultural Training Institute (Taratahi) will have a serious impact on the ability of the primary sector to develop the workforce capability it requires. B+LNZ will be using the results of its 2018 review of sheep and beef sector capability needs to help design a better solution for sector skill development.
Thursday, 17 January 2019

While we appreciate that this is a difficult and uncertain time for students and staff at Taratahi, we have seen a growing number of issues with primary sector education and training over the last decade, as primary sector education and training programmes have been dropped or cut back.

The closure of Taratahi is just the latest indication that the system is not working – for students or for industry”, said Jeremy Baker, Chief Insight Officer.

”We need to look at new ways of governing, planning and organising primary sector education and training if we are going to solve this issue. It’s pretty clear this is a systemic issue, not something relating to a specific institution or programme”, Mr Baker added.

In 2018, B+LNZ undertook a review of the capability needs of the sheep and beef sector. This review identified the need for:

  • training that provides the right number of people with the right practical skills needed on-farm and the fact that current training programmes are not consistent in delivering either,
  • better integration between qualification-based study, on-farm learning and extension, and
  • focus on capability development in key areas such as farm systems knowledge, environmental management, people management, as well as a focus on ownership and succession planning.

B+LNZ have begun work with other primary sector organisations, including DairyNZ, Federated Farmers, and the Primary Sector Council, and with Government, to find a real and lasting solution to that meets the objectives identified in that review.