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B+LNZ releases practical guide to Lice and Flystrike control

Flystrike season is just around the corner and a newly-released book covers all options when it comes to sustainably and safely preventing or treating flystrike and lice.
Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The “Managing Flystrike and Lice, A Practical Guide for Farmers” is an all-you-need-to-know guide to ectoparasites in sheep, making it an essential resource for any sheep farmer.

Compiled by Beef + Lamb New Zealand, The New Zealand Merino Company Ltd and The Sheep and Beef Cattle Veterinarians branch of the New Zealand Veterinary Association, the seven-chapter book is based upon the New Zealand Veterinary Associations 2019 publication of “Ectoparasites of Sheep in New Zealand and their Control.”

“Managing Flystrike and Lice”, covers everything from describing the flies and lice that affect sheep- and their lifecycles – as well as the many treatment options and chemical application methods. It also touches on dealing with chemical resistance, disposing of chemical treatments safely and properly and preventing lice and flystrike.

Farmer case studies are peppered throughout the book which is full of illustrations and easy-to-read tables.

Decision trees for the prevention and treatment of both Blowfly strike and Lice infestation are at the front of the book, so are a handy, instant tool for farmers dealing with ectoparasite problems.

Aaron Meikle, B+LNZ’s Product Development Manager says it has been 20 years since a Lice and Blowstrike guidebook has been published and much has changed in that time, both in the species of fly affecting sheep and the chemical options available to farmers.

He says between 2% and 10% of the national flock is affected by flystrike every year and the impacts economically, environmentally and for animal welfare are significant. Farmers spend over $15 million annually in sheep dip alone without counting the productivity losses associated with Flystrike and lice infestations.  

“Managing Flystrike and Lice, A Practical Guide for Farmers” is available online on the Beef + Lamb New Zealand website: 

Hardcopies are available on request email: resources@beeflambnz.com to request a copy.