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Winter Grazing

B+LNZ launches new winter grazing workshops

A newly-developed winter grazing workshop which connects good management practice guidelines with practical on-farm application is about to be rolled-out nationwide.
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Matt Ward, Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s General Manager North Island, says the workshop brings together all the winter grazing resources developed in recent years around managing livestock and crops to minimise the environmental impacts of this increasingly contentious practice.

It covers pre-grazing management – such as carrying out a paddock warrant of fitness – and identifying key risks to both animal health and welfare and the environment.

The workshop draws on research carried out by AgResearch which shows how the correct management can reduce nutrient losses and run-off from winter feed crops by as much as 70 per cent. This is just through strategic grazing, livestock management and identification and management of critical source areas.

Matt says the workshop is set up in a modular form and includes seasonal-related modules for planning the crops, grazing management through winter and post-grazing paddock management.

As well as being presented through the workshops, items such as the paddock warrant of fitness will be available for farmers through the B+LNZ Knowledge Hub.

The workshops will be rolled out through B+LNZ from the end of March onwards so if you are interested please contact your local Extension Manager.

Read more at https://beeflambnz.com/wintergrazing/pre-grazing

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