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B+LNZ finalising brand mark and strategy for Red Meat Story

Michael Wan, B+LNZ’s Global Manager Red Meat Story, provided farmers with an update on the progress of the Red Meat Story at our recent Annual Meeting in Gisborne.
Thursday, 5 April 2018

As you may be aware, B+LNZ is currently finalising the proposed brand mark, story and Go-to-Market Strategy for the Red Meat Story.

Subject to discussions with the sector, these are expected to be shared with farmers later this year, before being rolled out to global markets, in partnership with processors.

“What is clear from the work we have done so far is that the New Zealand’s red meat story is more than a brand, story and activation plan,” says Michael.

It also includes the development of the New Zealand National Farm Assurance Programme, underpinning environment strategy, consumer and market insights, such as the report into alternative proteins, and identification of new pathways to market such as e-commerce platforms or meal kit companies like My Food Bag.

“It is about ensuring we understand what is important to our consumers. Also, that we protect our natural food production systems and are doing more to ensure consumers globally recognise New Zealand farmers are in the natural food business.”

The New Zealand Red Meat Story project grew out of findings from the thorough independent review of B+LNZ’s market development activities in 2016.

Extensive consumer and market analysis internationally then provided a comprehensive and solid basis for development of the New Zealand origin brand and activation plan.

This research, and the in-depth study into alternative proteins, found social tension around food has developed in most countries in the world.

There is a growing anxiety among consumers, driven by food scares, use of hormones and antibiotics, industrial food production, lack of transparency and animal welfare concerns. Among other things, this is driving an interest in alternative proteins.

The research also revealed an untapped demand for naturally-raised, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free red meat, with consumers prepared to pay a premium for such products.

While New Zealand as a country has a good image, there is little specific consumer knowledge about how our sheep and beef are raised.

The Go-to-Market strategy has included identification of target markets, channels, objectives required, resources/collateral and activities.

A McKinsey framework is being used to evaluate potential markets, and are using Damien McLoughlin, a key person in the establishment of the Irish Origin Green brand, to test the strategy and discuss it with processing companies.

The activation plan, currently being consulted on, is likely to propose focusing on two to three key markets initially and gradually building from there.

In parallel, we have engaged KPMG to conduct an assessment aimed at optimising the pathways to market for New Zealand sheep and beef farmers.

We are hoping to reach agreement on the Go-to-Market strategy within the next two months and look forward to sharing the strategy, brand mark and story with farmers.

In the meantime, we encourage farmers to read more about the Red Meat Story below.

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