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Update on B+LNZ’s support for farmer-led catchment community groups

Beef and Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) encourages and supports farmers to work together at a significant scale through our Catchment Community Group (CCG) programme. This is a key component of our Environmental Strategy to delivering our vision of profitable farmers, thriving farming communities, valued by all New Zealanders.
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

As part of our commitment to the environment, we have significantly lifted our support for catchment communities around the country, producing resources to help community groups get started and make rapid progress. You can find these resources below, and we are working to develop more shortly.

Richard Parkes, Environment Capability Manager is leading the catchment communities Programme at B+LNZ. He has travelled New Zealand and seen first-hand the value CCG’s are adding to their communities, farms and the environment.

“The formation of catchment community groups is best described as a movement sweeping the country, led by our farmers and is driven to a large extent by farmer desire to be master of their own destiny.

“The Catchment Community Group Programme is designed to enable and support farmers and farming communities, it not just about leading farmers but leading catchment communities.”

B+LNZ resources to support catchment community groups

B+LNZ supports CCG’s through providing several resources to help make the most of working in a catchment community group for the future of the catchment and community.

Richard says, “We are investing in the capability of farming communities, we want to see successful leading catchment so we are building the capability of those working with catchment groups, this will support groups to develop comprehensive catchment action plans.”

  • Learn more about catchment community groups on our webpage. Here you will find a map, if you haven’t already, please register your catchment group so others in the area can find you.
  • Take the catchment community group e-learning module (15 mins), to learn about forming a group, good practice and see real-life examples in practice.
  • Want to connect with groups or wanting to find out if there is a group near you visit our Catchment Map, this is an interactive way for groups to connect securely.
  • We have also developed a workshop that will help groups establish a comprehensive Catchment Action Plan. Reach out to your Extension Manager for more information.

As part of our Environmental Strategy we are working with the Ministry for the Environment on several projects which has resulted in the formation of new catchment groups. We will continue supporting the establishment and work of more Catchment Communities and sharing their stories publicly.

The benefits of Catchment Community Groups

There are many benefits to forming or joining a catchment group in your area if you are passionate and willing to take targeted action.

Catchment groups help you to improve community connections and ownership, establish an authoritative voice with decision makers, get greater returns on your individual actions, get better access to funding, create your own future, and contribute to a better future for your Kaitiakitanga – for your children’s children.

Richard says, “What’s common to successful groups is they are really clear as to why they are coming together, they undertake a stock take of what they already have, they have a shared vision, have identified some actions and thought about how they will tell their story.”