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2019 Notice of Elections and call for farmer remits

Nominations are now open for Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Directors and Directors Independent Remuneration Committee (DIRC).
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Under section 42 of the B+LNZ, two electoral district Directors will retire by rotation at the annual meeting. This year Kirsten Bryant (Western North Island) and Bill Wright (Central South Island) must retire by rotation, but may stand for re-election.

Kirsten Bryant has indicated she will not be seeking re-election. Bill Wright has advised that he will be seeking re-election in 2019.

Nominations are being called to fill two Board of Director Vacancies, one for each of the following electoral districts:

  • Western North Island (WNI)
  • Central South Island (CSI)

Nominations are also being called to fill one vacancy on the Directors Independent Remuneration Committee. David Nelson, an existing member of the DIRC, will retire by rotation and has indicated that he will seek re-election.

Written remits for the 2019 Annual Meeting are now being accepted

Remits that, if passed at B+LNZ’s annual meeting would not be binding on the organisation, require the signatures of 10 farmers who are registered on the B+LNZ electoral roll.

Remits that, if passed at the annual meeting, would be binding on B+LNZ require the signatures of at least 1,000 registered farmers or five per cent of the total number of registered farmers, whichever is the lesser.

All nominations and written remits must be made on the official forms. The official forms and other useful information regarding the elections are available by:

All nominations and written remits must be received by the Returning Officer by 5pm on Friday 14 December 2018.

Board of Directors, Directors Independent Remuneration Committee and Annual Meeting Resolutions and Remits

Voting for the B+LNZ and DIRC elections and annual meeting resolutions and remits (if any) will all be conducted at the same time.

Voting will be conducted by postal and internet voting, with voting papers being posted to all farmers who are on the B+LNZ electoral roll on Friday 25 January 2019. B+LNZ and DIRC elections will close on election day and postal and electronic voting for company resolution and remits will close on the same date, Friday 15 March 2019 at 2pm.

Farmers can vote in person on company resolutions and remits only, at the Annual Meeting.

To be eligible to vote in the B+LNZ Director and DIRC elections and for annual meeting remits (if any), a livestock farmer must, on 30 June 2018, have owned at least 250 sheep, or 50 beef cattle or 100 dairy cattle. Voters must farm within the respective electorate to be eligible to vote for the Board of Directors but the DIRC is a national vote open to all livestock farmers on the B+LNZ electoral roll and meeting the minimum livestock threshold.

To be eligible to vote for the annual meeting resolutions, farmers must be on the B+LNZ electoral roll and are not required to meet the minimum stock numbers stated above.

To check if you are on the electoral roll please contact B+LNZ on 0800 233 352. The electoral roll will close at 5pm on Friday 25 January 2019.

A copy of the roll is also available for inspection at the office of Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd, Level 4, Wellington Chambers, 154 Featherston Street, Wellington 6011.

All queries regarding B+LNZ elections should be directed to the Returning Officer on 0800 666 040.

All queries regarding annual meeting remits should be directed to B+LNZ Chief Operating Officer, Cros Spooner on 0800 233 352.