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B+LNZ Future Farm

The intention of our Future Farm is to demonstrate to farmers, and others, how new technologies and systems impact on performance, whilst maintaining the highest production standards within a leading environmental footprint.

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The North Canterbury Future Farm (NCFF) is the establishment of an operational and profitable commercial sheep and beef farming enterprise which implements, trials, and tests farming technologies and best practice management to demonstrate how such technologies and practice management can improve performance.

NCFF is a partnership between Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd and Lanercost 2018 Ltd. The model is based on a limited partnership between B+LNZ and a farming partnership sharing 50/50 in capital, risk and return. It is similar to the successful Lincoln University Dairy Demonstration Farm.

The objective of the partnership is to operate at the highest levels in terms of profitability and regulatory compliance and be available for B+LNZ to demonstrate farm practices, decision making and farm systems integration of new technologies and practices, while maintaining high performance.

Introducing Future Farm

About Lanercost

North Canterbury Future Farm ("Lanercost Farm") is located north of Cheviot, and is a 1310ha hill country, dryland sheep and beef farm, typical of many in the region.

What's next for Future Farm?

Future Farm is very much at the start of its journey, even having to buy a hammer and nails on the first day to get some jobs done. Now that the property has stock and is up and running, we're very excited about the opportunities this farm represents. We are operating in a far more complex world than previous generations, and while we're very optimistic about the future of our sector, the Future Farm will allow farmers to observe the application and outcomes of technologies and system changes before risking applying them to their own businesses.

To help share the information and learning from Future Farm, one of the things we've developed to help farmers participate in the programme includes a stand alone Future Farm website with possible integration for:

  • Weather data
  • Live camera feeds
  • Live soil moisture data
  • Stock performance data
  • An interactive forum to ask questions 

Visit the Future Farm website