Ty Beal Webinar Invitation: Animal Sourced Foods in Healthy and Sustainable Diets

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Dr. Beal is a well-recognised expert on global food systems, and the impact of dietary patterns on human health and the environment. 

Through an evidence-based approach, Dr. Beal will present a balanced view for the role of animal sourced foods (with a focus on red meat) in sustainable global diets.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Ty Beal is a global nutrition and food systems scientist dedicated to achieving healthy and sustainable diets for all. Through his research, he examines dietary patterns and their impacts on human health and the environment. His findings have been published in top scientific journals including The Lancet, The Lancet Global Health, and others. An engaging speaker, Dr. Beal frequently presents his expertise on nutrition and food systems at professional conferences and webinars. He also shares insights with the public, appearing on podcasts and publishing blogs and op-eds that make scientific research accessible. As a Research Advisor at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), he helps shape evidence-based programs and policies. Dr. Beal received his PhD from the University of California-Davis.


  • 10.00am:  Meeting/speaker Introduction 
  • 10.0am:  Animal Sources Foods in Healthy and Sustainable Diets presentation
  • 10.45am:  Questions and Answer session
  • 11.30am:  Session concludes
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