Surfing for Farmers: Tolaga Bay – Kaiaua

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One night each week over Summer, we trade the paddock for the beach

The BBQ and the waves are on! Everything else you need to know about Surfing for Farmers is below.

Questions and answers

How does it work?

  • The perfect break, each meetup consists of a laid back surf lesson and surf session, followed by a yarn and a BBQ. Simple, fun, easy.

When and where does Surfing for Farmers happen?

  • Surfing for Famers runs for approximately 13 weeks, starting in December through to late March, across 16 regions.   
  • Exact programme dates can differ from region to region, so check with your local Surfing for Farmers Champion. You’ll find regional details in the Location tab.

What if I can’t make it every week?

  • No worries mate, Surfing for Farmers is about getting in the water and de-stressing, not adding another commitment to your plate. Come whatever nights you can make it.

What kind of Farmers take part?

  • Ag, hort and anything in between, Surfing for Farmers is for you. Whatever you farm, wherever you farm it, we’ve got a surfboard waiting with your name on it.

How long is each Surfing for Famers meetup?

  • Each session usually starts at around 5.30 pm and we surf for as long as you like. The rest depends on how long you want to stick around for afterwards. Farmers usually find that after the de-stress and wicked experience of surfing, the good times and yarns are flowing!

Does it cost and I need to bring anything?

  • No. Surfing for Farmers is completely free of charge. Funds from our awesome sponsors help pay for all the wetsuits, boards, surfing tutors and BBQs.

What if I haven’t surfed before, or I’m not super confident in the water?

  • Just like we wouldn’t ask the Boardriders to swing a gate, they wouldn’t ask us to surf a barrel.  
  • All skill levels are welcome and no surfing experience is needed. Surfing for Farmers is a safe and supportive environment, so the Board riders will be in the water with you helping out. 
  • No need to worry about fitness either, our boards would still float with the entire All Black front row on them.

How do I sign up?

  • You can sign up anytime for your regional Surfing for Farmers programme, by contacting your local Surfing for Farmers Champion in the Location tab.

I just heard about Surfing for Farmers, can I sign up halfway through the programme?

  • Yes. You can sign up anytime for your regional Surfing for Farmers programme, by contacting your local Surfing for Farmers Champion in the Location tab.

Can my family or partner come?

  • Yes. Surfing for Farmers was made by farmers, for farmers and we know this industry is just as much about family and community, as it is about the job at hand; so the whole family is welcome to come and support you. The focus is mostly on the farmers though, to make sure we have enough boards and wetsuits to get everyone out on the water.

For more information and to register

Contact Thomas Abernethy 021869805 for more information and to Pre-register here.

Starts November 22nd 2023 at 6pm

Registration closed.