NZIPIM Facilitating Learning and Change Programme: Christchurch and Hamilton

Event category

Through the programme, participants will gain an understanding of what facilitation is and learn the skills required to effectively facilitate group collaboration and learning.

Learning objectives include:

The art and science of facilitation

  • Adopting a facilitation mindset
  • Processes, tools and techniques for working with groups
  • Applying facilitation in other settings e.g., meetings

The ways we learn

  • Understand how we acquire skills and develop knowledge
  • What is known about how the brain learns.
  • How neuroscience and behavioural psychology can help us.
  • Strategies to facilitate real learning

Learning design

  • The key elements of an effective learning programme
  • Designing for maximum learning

Becoming an agent for change

  • Explore the barriers to change
  • Influencing and supporting change

Design your event

  • You will design an outline of the event you are about to run


Location Venue Date Time Register
Christchurch Russley Golf Club & Function Centre 10 October - 11 October 9:30am Registration closed.
Hamilton Novotel Hamilton 31 October - 1 November 9:30am Registration closed.