New Zealand Agriculture 2050 – Pathways of Innovation Symposium

This Symposium will look at securing the future of food production in New Zealand – “Farmers know the problems, does science have the solutions?”

You are invited to attend the Ag@Otago Symposium.

The symposium will cover three main themes:

  1. Sustainable food production
  2. Future food, nutrition and medicine
  3. Agritech, food quality and security

The programme will involve over 10 invited speakers from throughout New Zealand who are internationally recognised as leaders in their field. We will also have panel discussions around holistic farming, synthetic foods and GM foods.

When combined, these themes should disclose how future food production systems will be sufficient to feed an increasing world population. It is New Zealand’s challenge to decide how we wish to position our food production systems in the future, within the constraints of a zero carbon emissions goal for 2050.


Fees and online registration will be available shortly.

Visit to find out more.