Meeting for Young Farmers and others in Tuatapere

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 This is a meeting where we hope to include Young Farmers, Shearers, Contractors of any kind on farms, and any others people or businesses associated with farms and farming.

This meeting is to be held at ‘The Shed’, 14 Orawia Road, Tuatapere, on 24th November 2023, beginning at 6pm. We envisage finishing about 9pm or when the conversation is finished which may be later. 

The evening will consist of meeting and greeting for about fifteen minutes, then  at 6.15 we will have a series of interesting and informative speakers which includes Jason Herrick from Mossburn, Rural Mental Health Trust, Rural Chaplaincy, any School Principals or Careers Advisors, and others. All speakers either live in rural areas or are involved in farming somehow. 

This meeting includes addressing mental wellness for farm workers, associated workers and their associates and families as well as an opportunity to gather together with those of like mind. 

We are fortunate to be supported by Federated Farmers and other organisations that are interested and or concerned for and in the farming communities in our areas. 

When the talk is done and questions asked and answered we will have a barbeque provided by SPOT in Tuatapere. There will also be a variety of sandwiches and nibbles, and tea and coffee.

For more information, any questions and numbers that may be there for an  evening of great information, and mixing with those who may have answers people need.  You can contact Lynley McKerrow on 0272974767, or email her

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