Massey University Wiltshire Field Day – Riverside Farm

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Field day

This is the third on-farm field day related to the transition of a Romney flock to Wiltshire as part of a Massey University Research Project.

Information will be presented on the results of a multiyear flock study recording production and performance as a flock is transitioned from Romney to a Wiltshire flock.

This trial is generously funded by the L. A. Alexander Trust and the Massey University Foundation.

When and where?

All are welcome from 9.30am to 1pm Riverside Farm is on Mikimiki Road off SH2 about 10 Km north of Masterton.


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About the study

A multiyear flock study is occurring at Riverside Farm recording production and performance as a flock is graded up from Romney to a Wiltshire flock.

Modelling has indicated that in the long-term a change to a self-shedding flock will be profitable however our model is limited by lack of objective data in regard to production data over the transition period. Some of our assumptions were based on anecdotal industry data, or trial data from more than 20 years ago. The modelling suggests that the coarse wool greasy price   would have to exceed $4.15/kg greasy to break even on the costs of shearing in many farming scenarios. 

The project started in March 2020 with 400 Romney ewes bred to Wiltshire rams and a comparable group of ewes bred to Romney rams. The ewe lamb progeny from this first mating (½ Wiltshire’s ½ Romney) lambed in 2021 as hoggets and are presently lambing as two tooths. The ¾ Wiltshire ¼ Romney ewe lambs born in 2021 are also lambed as hoggets in 2022 and are now lambing as two tooths.  The 7/8 Wiltshire ewe lambs born in 2022 are lambing as hoggets  in October 2023.

Results to date will be discussed and all crosses will be on view.