Lloyd Smith Dog Training Workshop

Learn the basics for training a pup and training your dog for working sheep.

In conjunction with Totally Vets and Primary ITO, B+LNZ is proud to bring you a rare opportunity to spend a few quality hours with Lloyd Smith.

Lloyd Smith is one of New Zealand's best-known and consistent sheep dog triallists. He is also a proven and highly respected sheep dog trainer, who has developed a training method that many shepherds and farmers now use and get excellent results from.

NOTE: Please do not bring your own dogs. 

On the day

  • 10am: Puppy Training – Heading pup to fully trained heading dog.
  • 12pm: BBQ lunch provided.
  • 1pm: Huntaway training.
  • 3pm: Finish.


Register with Rebecca Brownlie (B+LNZ): Rebecca.brownlie@beeflambnz.com