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Hill Country Erosion Funding Meeting

Come and hear about the HCE Fund. Jointly funded by Marlborough District Council and MPI, the Hill Country Erosion programme provides advice and funding to landowners looking to treat eroding or erosion-prone land.

Last winter the Hill Country Erosion Fund assisted in funding more than 36,000 native plants for erosion control on permanently retired farmland and 6,550 poplar and willow poles for space planting on eroding pastoral land.

More than 7,300 exotics (oaks and dryland eucalypts) were supplied for space planting and erosion control woodlot trials on particularly challenging faces.

As well, 6km of fencing was provided to permanently exclude stock from retired unsuitable grazing land.


Please register with wendy.sullivan@landcare.org.nz or 027 247 3503.