Canterbury Sheep Dairy Association Meeting

A meeting is scheduled for discussion and formation of a Canterbury Sheep Dairy Association.

This meeting will discuss the formation of an organisation to facilitate the creation of an export-based industry within Canterbury.

Initial investigations and discussion have shown that there are processors interested in picking up and adding value to sheep milk, but this meeting is to:

  • Gauge interest from farmers (ideally within 4-5 years there would need to be 30,000 sheep being milked in Canterbury).
  • What a farmer lead organisation should look like.
  • Assuming there is the interest; create a working group to move the industry forward. This group will need to liaise with farmers throughout the process.

Attendees at the meeting should include potentially interested farmers and land-owners; potential investors into a new industry; existing sheep dairy farmers and anyone else interested seeing the establishment of a new industry.

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For further details, contact Guy Trafford on 027 644 4596 or 03 3188162