B+LNZ Wormwise Workshops: Shannon and Apiti

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The Workshop at Apiti is now full

You can still register for the Shannon Workshop here.

You’ve heard the matra - ‘use the most effective product’ - what – when – how?

How do you actually know what this is, for your lambs, in your system, this season?

We are now in an era where the ‘routine’ drench that has been used for many years can be letting significant numbers of worms survive – what’s the best approach to deal with this?

The start of the new season is a great opportunity to look at your own system for options to help enhance production and reduce the impact of worms.

Facilitated by Ginny Dodunski

Location Venue Date Time Register
Shannon Shannon Rugby Club 21 November 5:30 - 7:30pm Registration closed.
Apiti Apiti Tavern & Eatery 22 November 1 - 3:30pm No registration required.