B+LNZ Wormwise Workshop: Gore | Beef + Lamb New Zealand

B+LNZ Wormwise Workshop: Gore

In this workshop the latest information and research on internal parasite control is presented.


The key to sustainable parasite management

Getting the balance right on your farm is a tricky business. When working with parasites on farm, you have to find a balance between production and drench-use. 

At the Wormwise Workshop you will learn how parasites live on your farm, and how you can manipulate the conditions to favor high-producing stock, who do not need as much drench input. 

Drench resistance is becoming more and more common in our region every year – knowing how to farm using a targeted drench approach will be essential for you and future generations.



COVID-19 framework

This event is operating under an orange traffic light. At the event, we encourage you to wear a mask indoors.

If you have cold or flu symptoms, are a household contact of a positive case or are awaiting the results from a COVID-19 test, please stay at home.