B+LNZ Winter Grazing Workshop – Hunterville | Beef + Lamb New Zealand

B+LNZ Winter Grazing Workshop – Hunterville

This workshop will help farmers successfully graze animals in winter, looking after the environment and the animals, and will help farmers meet our industry’s commitments and regulatory requirements around winter grazing.

We have teamed up with Horizons RC to bring you this winter grazing workshop.

In this workshop you’ll work through the ‘Forage Cropping’ section of B+LNZ’s Farm Plan: Environment Module. Along with the opportunity to complete a ‘paddock management plan’ including ‘risk assessment’ using Horizons App.

Horizons staff will describe how Intensive Winter Grazing regulation will be implemented and for farmers where high risk is identified in their ‘paddock management plan’ , where paddocks have above 10o slope or those that can’t meet the 5m setback from waterways/wetlands, then farmers will have the opportunity to complete a consent application with the support of the Horizons staff.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Outline how forage cropping fits into your farming system  
  • Describe the crops used and where these are established on-farm
  • Carry out a risk assessment  
  • Document and/or record your winter grazing action plan  
  • Outline any winter grazing monitoring that needs to be done
    • Have completed a winter paddock management plan that meets Horizon RC requirements  
    • Where required completed consent application with Horizons RC.

We encourage you to bring along staff and any of your team that will be involved with shifting and managing livestock on crops over the winter period to ensure everyone has a common understanding of good grazing management practices and your overall plan.


Registrations essential to ensure sufficient resources are available for each attendee.