B+LNZ Wairarapa Farming for Profit Field Day: Short Grass Farming

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Field day
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Short grass farming

Like it or not, after the worst autumn in 30 plus years, farmers across the Wairarapa are all going to be short grass farmers for the next five months. To be under this much pressure heading into winter will be foreign territory for all except the most seasoned famers out there. 

To try and alleviate some of the “decision making” pressure, the sessions will work through and discuss the current situation and what strategies famers have available to them.

Topics covered

  1. Where am I at? 
  • Local data, monitoring tools and benchmarks
  • Conditioning scoring and liveweights.
  • Pasture measuring and growth rates.
  1. Trade-off between pasture cover and stock condition
  • How and when to manipulate body weight – which stock class to choose.
  • What was sub maintenance feed look like.
  • Grazing management fundamentals (mob size vs paddock, grazing days).
  • Animal health considerations
  1. How to increase supply and/or decrease demand?
  • N and S decision
  • How and when to use crops and supplements
  • Likely grazing options
  • Shearing decision and scanning data
  • Stock Marketing and financial implications (nothing comes for free)

Both sessions will call on an experienced farmer panel to discuss their experience and thought process as we head into winter and then look out to spring. The discussion at the two locations will be region specific.


Register for one of the sessions below. 

Venue Date Time Register
Martinborough Rugby Club 11 June 9:30 - 12pm Registration closed.
Alfredton Hall 11 June 2 - 4:30pm Registration closed.