B+LNZ Wairarapa Farming for Profit Day: Managing Difficult Times

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This event aims to assist farmers in implementing crucial strategies to safeguard their businesses and finances during an impending agriculture sector downturn.

As we stare down the barrel of serious downturn across the agriculture sector, farmers now must circle the wagons and look to protect themselves and their business from what lies ahead. 
For a lot of farmers, the current situation will come as a real shock. At these sessions we will look at key strategies that farmers can implement to balance cashflow and position themselves so that are in the best possible position when we come out the other side.

  • Morning session: 9.30am to 12.00pm at Gladstone Complex (lunch supplied).
  • Afternoon session: 2.00pm to 4.30pm at Alfredton Hall (BBQ & refreshments supplied).


Chris Garland, BakerAg along with local farmer panels at each session.

Topics covered

Learning from those that have been here before.  

  • Putting things into perspective.
  • Managing cashflow and budgeting.  
  • Protecting revenue and cost control choices. 

Fertiliser decision  

  • Getting the best bang for your buck.
  • Effects of withholding fertiliser.  
  • Other strategies – soil testing, deferential spreading.

Refining the Farm System  

  • Sheep vs cattle. 
  • Cropping policy.  
  • Revised Hill Country Budget.  

How to stay positive  

  • Importance of connections.  
  • Investing in yourself.  
  • Staff structures.


Please ensure you register for catering purposes. 

Location Venue Date Time Register
Gladstone Gladstone Complex 9th October 9:30 - 12pm Register Now
Alfredton Alfredton Hall 9th October 2 - 4:30pm Register Now