B+LNZ 'Trees within Farm: Opportunities with Carbon' on-farm Field Day – Waikaka | Beef + Lamb New Zealand
Field day

B+LNZ 'Trees within Farm: Opportunities with Carbon' on-farm Field Day – Waikaka

At this interactive field day, you will learn about the different ways of integrating trees into your farm system, develop an understanding of the emissions trading scheme (ETS).

It will focus on opportunities to integrate trees on farms and – in doing so – generate a return from the ETS, and/or localised tree-planting or land-retirement funding programmes.

Farmers will leave the four-hour Field Day with a clear idea of which options they wish to explore further. It will be of particular interest to hill country farmers with marginal land. It will also give farm owners an opportunity to hear what other farmers are doing on their farms.

This field day includes a case study as well as a look out on farm. 4WD suitable vehicles are required.

Afternoon tea provided.

The workshop covers:

  • The Zero Carbon Bill and Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) explained.
  • The ETS definition of Forest Land, how to register and the opportunities and trade-offs.
  • On-farm carbon sequestration – the role of trees and soil.
  • Carbon units – how they work and example calculations.
  • Green House Gas emissions in the context of New Zealand farming.
  • Funding options.
  • Which tree species – exotic and indigenous – where and why.
  • Riparian planting and shelter belts.
  • Understand your farms natural capital and the opportunities available to build resilience for your farming business.