B+LNZ South West Otago Farming for Profit Field Day: Lamb fattening tour – a farmer's perspective

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Field day

Come and join us as we do a trip around Moa Flat looking at a range of summer lamb fattening crops.


We have a panel of farmers who will be discussing the different systems that they use; the benefits, the challenges, the management and the rewards. 

The crops covered will be Multi-graze Kale, Raphno, Leafy Turnip and Red Clover. 

This day is supported by Westpac, Silver Fern Farms and South Pacific Meats/AFFCO.


  • Nelson Hancox, Wohelo Station – Multi-graze Kale.
  • Peter Adam, Wilden Station – Raphno James Edgar.
  •  Wilden View – Leafy Turnip Wilson Devery, Pikoview Trust – Red Clover.


For more info, contact Theresa Laws at Theresa.Laws@beeflambnz.com

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