Southern Field Days 2020 – B+LNZ Food & Fibre Discovery Challenge

Join us at the Southern Field Days at Waimumu for our “Food & Fibre Discovery Challenge” to help share industry knowledge and highlight the career opportunities across the sector.

Southern Field Days 12–14 February 2020

Simply collect your race forms on the day at one of the following four sites and follow the clues to complete the tasks:

  1. Beef + Lamb New Zealand – Agri Centre A91,92.
  2. DairyNZ – Agri Centre A189,190.
  3. Federated Farmers – Agri Centre A7.
  4. Dairy Womans Network – 141.
  5. Primary Schools – Teams to a maximum of 4 members with a teacher or parent accompanying permitted.
  6. High School Students, Leavers, University Students and Career Changers – Teams of 2.

* For Primary school teams we advise that if age 8 and below a parent or teacher join them in a team of 4. Age 9 and above are welcome to do any size team up to 4 members. 

Why enter?

  • Gain new knowledge
  • Discover career pathways and jobs within the sector.
  • Meet current primary industry employees and employers.
  • Fun exciting way to get around field days.
  • Connect with training options.

Spot prizes and major prizes up for grabs

Win one of many experience packages and the chance to spend the day in your interested occupation!

Find out more

All enquiries to Olivia Ross (Beef + Lamb New Zealand) on phone 027 801 7868 or email