B+LNZ 'Poplars and Willows for the Wairarapa Hill Country' Field Day

This field day will look at poplar and willow plantings on two contrasting farms – one where the trees have been established for several decades, the other where a large-scale planting programme is underway.

Poplars and willows have the potential to provide multiple benefits in Wairarapa hill country. They reduce the risk of slips and soil erosion, provide shade, shelter and fodder for livestock, encourage birds and invertebrates, and add colour and variety in the landscape.

What is more, the Greater Wellington Regional Council provides advice and support for planting, and the trees can be eligible for entry into the Emissions Trading Scheme. So what’s not to like?

The event is free and open to all.

On the day

Day kicks off with farm tour, so please do not arrive anytime later than 1pm.

4WD vehicles are required with appropriate tyres.

After the farm tour at Pakaraka, we will re-convene at Wainuioru Hall for further talks (3.30pm).

Barbecue and refreshments to finish.


  1. Dr Ian McIvor (Poplar and Willow Research Trust).
  2. Local farmers with experience of planting and managing poplars and willows.
  3. Greater Wellington Regional Council Land Management team.


  • The science: How poplars and willows stabilise slopes.
  • New poplar and willow cultivars to suit different site types and objectives.
  • Planning new plantings.
  • Costs, and assistance available.
  • Eligibility of plantings for the ETS.


Register to: Erica.Kinder@beeflambnz.com or phone 06 370 2979