B+LNZ & NZ Herefords Power of the Beef Cow Field Day: Matakanui Station

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Field day

This field day will highlight the ability to improve the profitability of cattle within your farm systems, discussing in detail how to improve your own cattle performance.

About the day

The Power of the Beef Cow field day will go into detail on the following topics:

  • The development of Matakanui Station and stocking policy.
  • Benefits of hybrid vigour within cattle.
  • The importance on the correct nutrition for growth rate & IMF.
  • Discussion about current beef markets and the impact of that value add programs are having on the weekly beef schedule.

Lunch will be offered for attendees, with a BBQ & refreshments served afterwards.

Kindly sponsored by NZ Herefords and Boehringer Ingelheim.


Phil Tither

With over 35 years of experience as an Agricultural consultant with 23 years in Hawke’s Bay with Agfirst, 5 years in Hawke’s Bay with Agriculture NZ MAF, 1 year with MAFF in UK and 6 years in North Otago with MAF. His primary role is as an Agricultural consultant for Agfirst Pastoral in Hastings, New Zealand. Phil’s areas of expertise center around:

  • Whole Farm Approach for sheep, beef, deer and dairy support farm. His consultancy business is based on integration of financial, technical and individual needs of clients, whether they be farmers, agribusiness or government clients. A long term view of physical and financial sustainability are key inputs to the advice given.
  • Financial Management and Analysis - Frequently involved in accounts analysis, forecast budgeting, evaluation of alternative livestock policies, development and land purchase feasibility.

Dave Warburton

As a vet and stud owner, Dave has been an large animal vet for over 22 years and involved with many studs throughout New Zealand. He currently has his own Angus & Hereford stud in Manawatu.

Dr Charlotte Westwood

Both a veterinarian and nutritionist with the PGG Wrightson Seeds team, based at Lincoln, Canterbury. Charlotte is a Massey University veterinary graduate, with a PhD in cattle nutrition and reproduction from the University of Sydney, Australia. With a background in veterinary practice and farm consultancy in both New Zealand and Australia, Charlotte has extensive knowledge of the nutrition and wellbeing of cattle within a range of farm system types.

Murray Behrent-General Murray has been part of the livestock industry since 1990. Currently Manager of Livestock and Shareholder Services for Alliance Group Ltd.  He has been involved with the Central Progeny Test, bringing VIAscan yield grading to Alliance plants, involved with the development of 21 day and 55 day Handpicked beef programmes.


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