B+LNZ Northern North Island Farmer Council Annual Meeting and Field Day

Please join the Farmer Council for a field day at John Blackwell’s property, and hear an update from our Farmer Council on what they have got planned for the region.

Growing with confidence

John Blackwell and family have taken the plunge and bought a new property. And it's just down the road …. 

At this field day we are going to have a good look at how John has approached the purchase and prioritised the developments while setting stocking policies to complement existing business models.


  • 10:15am: Cuppa tea
  • 10:30am: Welcome & H&S brief
  • 10:35am: John Blackwell
  1. A little history of home farm, stock policies etc.
  2. The key attributes a new block must have.
  3. Blank canvass filled with opportunity- prioritisation
  4. Stock policy and why – Environmental considerations.
  5. How does this integrate into current business management systems?
  6. Recording and monitoring.
  • 11:15am: Gareth Young – Opus Consulting: Dam site selection, investigation, design, consent process and construction.
  • 12pm: NNI Farmer Council Annual Meeting: Hear from your Farmer Council on what’s being happening and what’s coming up next 12 months.
  • 12:15: Lunch ( so make sure you register for some!).
  • 1pm: Let’s get out there and have a look.
  • 2:30pm: Back to the shed where Steve Nightingale will talk us through good practice water systems check list.
  • 2:45pm: Julie Jonker will update us on behalf of Rural Support Trust.
  • 3pm: We will close with a cuppa.

Please note: 4 Wheel Drive vehicles required for farm tour.

B+LNZ Farmer Council Annual Meeting

The field day will follow with our regional B+LNZ Annual Meeting where you can vote for your local Farmer Council representatives.

Farmer Council nominations

If you would like to be part of the NNI Farmer Council, please send written nominations and a bio of up to 200 words to: Beef + Lamb New Zealand, PO Box 5111, Whangarei 0140. Note: All candidates and their nominees must be on the B+LNZ electoral roll.

Applications need to be in by Friday 12 October. Contact Alison Whiteford on 027 489 7343 for more information.


Booking is required for catering purposes.

Email Alison Whiteford (B+LNZ): alison.whiteford@beeflambnz.com

Find out more

Contact Alison Whiteford (B+LNZ) on 027 489 7343


The recent outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis has highlighted the importance of on-farm biosecurity. When attending a B+LNZ field day please ensure you have clean footwear and vehicles are not carrying fresh muck or vegetation. This will help reduce the risk of spreading weeds, pests and diseases onto our host farms and across our country. To stay clean, we need to be clean.