B+LNZ Marlborough Midwinter Dinner: Focus on the Horizon

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Join us for the chance to get off the farm for a night where we will be focusing on the opportunities on the horizon at the annual Marlborough Midwinter Dinner. 

Unwind with good food and hear from our speakers Matt Iremonger and Alan McDermott about diversification within our red meat systems. Sarah Donaldson will also be speaking about maintaining wellbeing and seeking opportunities during challenging times. Thanks to our guest MC Matt Hood who will bring the night together. 
With thanks to our sponsors Rabo Bank, Rural Support Trust, and Vet Marlborough. 

Guest Speakers 

Sarah Donaldson 

Sarah brings a wealth of experience from her roles at Farmstrong and the Rural Support Trust. Passionate about building resilient rural communities, Sarah will share insights on improving wellbeing and navigating the challenges of modern farming. 
Thanks to our sponsor Rural Support Trust for bringing Sarah to speak. 

Matt Iremonger 

As a Nuffield Scholar, Matt explored the potential of beef production within New Zealand's dairy sector. Operating diverse pastoral farm in Banks Peninsula, alongside his wife Katy and daughters Alice and Abby, Matt will offer unique perspectives on agricultural diversification and sustainability. 

Alan McDermott 

Alan is a partner in AgriFood Strategy Ltd, a consultancy specializing in strategic issues within the agribusiness industry. His work spans value chain performance, sustainability and profitability, and facilitating strategy development. Three years ago, he launched Pearl Veal to create a new market and value chain for ethically and sustainably grown rose veal sourced from non-replacement dairy calves which is now being served on some of NZ’s finest menus and is developing export opportunities. 


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