B+LNZ Land Environment Planning Workshop Level 2: Macrae

Manage the environmental and water issues that make your farm unique.

A Land and Environment Plan (LEP) is a tool that guides farmers through a recorded assessment of a farm’s land and environmental issues, and helps farmers to develop a written plan outlining how those issues will be managed. It involves a stock-take of land, soil and water resources, an assessment of production opportunities and environmental risks, and development of a plan showing what actions are going to be undertaken, where they are being targeted, and when they will be implemented.

Building on the level 1 workshop (you can still attend if you don’t have level 1), the level 2 Land Environment Plan's aim is to identify Land Management Units (LMUs), which are used as a basis for nutrient budgeting, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and estimating farm yield gap.

Opportunities are considered against SMART criteria to develop a response plan.

What to bring

To complete this Level 2 LEP workshop you will need:

  • An aerial photo or farm map.
  • A recent nutrient budget (if you don’t have one check with your fertiliser company for help; you can still attend if you don’t have one in time for the workshop).
  • Any previous Land Environment Plans.
  • Any other information you may have that will help set up your LEP.

Find out more

For more information on this workshop, email Nicola Chisholm: nicola.chisholm@agfirst.co.nz