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“Putting relationships at the core of family and business.”

Chris Coughlan

Partner at Rural Coach, Director - CBM Strategic Ltd

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Working through a range of real-life scenarios you will set yourself and your family up for having courageous conversations, gain greater understanding of multiple perspectives, delve into what is fair vs equal and much more.  

The workshop is designed to give you a blueprint of a pathway forward with good relationships at the forefront.

Guest speaker: Chris Coughlan

A partner in Rural Coach, much of Chris’ career has involved working in facilitation with rural communities. A significant part of this involved those challenged with resource use and management. This experience, built a keen understanding and empathy for the impacts of change confronting farming businesses, families and the intergenerational implications that many decisions made can have.  
Chris is recognised for her ability to build trust and participant buy-in through providing safe communication environments. Such environments create strong relationships, support robust discussions and make for better decision making. All critical elements for success when family is at the core of succession planning and getting decisions right. 
Collectively Rural Coach has worked with over 500 families nationwide on their succession planning journey. We look forward to providing insight into a process that can seem daunting, helping you to get the conversations that matter started. 

Sarah Barr - Co-Facilitator (Geraldine Session)

Sarah’s great understanding of everyday challenges, demands of rural life and running a business comes from lived experience - she grew up in a farming family and has spent her life living and working rurally, the last 10 years with Rural Coach.

Sarah feels a deep affinity with the goals and purpose of Rural Coach – to assist ‘Confident Farmers Achieve their Dreams’. It is this personal connection that allows her to provide relevant and individualised support, coaching and facilitation to her clients in Leadership development, Business & Strategy & Succession Planning.

Passionate about seeing people get the results they are working towards, Sarah is admired for quickly determining whatever skills, knowledge or other supports are required. She is accomplished at challenging people while also ensuring they are listened to and understood; always providing a safe environment for individuals, families and teams to achieve their goals.

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Greta Valley Greta Valley Tavern 25th October 1 - 4pm Register Now
Oxford Oxford Jaycee Hall 26th October 1 - 4pm Register Now
Geraldine Geraldine Rugby Club 1st November 1 - 4pm Register Now
Waimate Waimate Rugby Club 2nd November 1 - 4pm Register Now