B+LNZ FeedSmart Workshop: Tararua

Event category
Feed budget

This workshop teaches participants to assess the quality of feed and estimate its metabolisable energy, plus introduces you to some handy tools. After the workshop, you will be able to manage pastures and stock feeding even better.  

**Please note change of venue from Pongaroa to The Hub, Dannevirke.

At this free workshop learn how to better manage feed supply and demand, increase feed utilisation and enhance the value of the feed consumed.

On completion you will be given a copy of the simple feed budget software demonstrated and supporting resources.

Facilitator: Richard Parkes (SustAg)


The workshop will cover:  

  • Factors that can affect pasture growth and pasture quality.  
  • Measuring pasture quality and pasture mass.   
  • Animal feed requirements.  
  • Monitoring animal performance.  
  • Matching feed supply with animal demand.  
  • Tools for pasture and feed management.  
  • Feed budgeting with a simple feed budget calculator.


Numbers are limited so registrations are essential.