B+LNZ Farming for Profit Field Day: Improving sheep production under parasite pressure

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Field day

We've teamed up the best of the best to bring you all things sheep! With Ginny Dodunski, BVSc & Wormwise Programme Manager, and the master Chris Mulvaney, BVSc & Stockcare Programme Consultant.

About the day

  • The aim of the workshop session is to promote appropriate stock management especially fine wool systems and under parasite challenges. 
  • We will discuss the elephant in the room of drench resistance and key management practices for mitigating effects, in our dryland extensive environments.
  • Traditional farm systems have changed. Systems continue to evolve, and so too does our management.
  • Bring along your FEC or FECRT if you have them.
  • BBQ & Drinks to follow sponsored by BX Foods.


Registration essential. 

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