B+LNZ Farm Safety Management System Workshop – Te Akau

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Learn about practical safety risk management on your farm and get the plans and procedures you need to be compliant. 

Come along to a workshop – you'll get a free copy of the Safety Management System and will learn how to apply it on your farm. 

What is the Safety Management System? 

  • It is a set of plans and procedures that you can customise for your farm. It makes the paperwork easy – 90% of it is already done.   
  • The system has been developed specifically for New Zealand sheep and beef farmers by B+LNZ's safety partner Exigent Risk Management (previously QSI), and in conjunction with WorkSafe NZ.   
  •  The system is simple and straightforward. When you put it in place on your farm, within a positive safety culture, it will help you ensure your farm is a safe workplace – and compliant with health and safety regulations. 

Who should go to the workshop? 

Women often take the lead on health & safety compliance on a farm – but if it's men who are doing the practical farm work and managing staff, then we encourage them to come along too, where that's feasible. 

What does it cost? 

The Safety Management System and workshop are free for B+LNZ levy-paying farmers. 

What did others think of the workshops? 

"The clear and simple presentation takes the unknown and fear out of H&S." 

"Great presenters, good examples and straight forward." 

"Exposure to factual info that is concise, clear and doable!" 

"It made H&S easy to implement on our own farms." 

"Walked away with a practical H&S manual to get started." 

"It confirmed I'm on the right track." 

Supported by West Waikato Coastal Community Catchment Group