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B+LNZ Farm Planning Workshop: Introduction – Your Farm, Risks and Actions (Te Kuiti)

Come along to B+LNZ’s refreshed Farm Plan: Environment Module Workshop. This hands-on workshop will get you started on our farm planning approach and position you well for future consumer or regulatory requirements and further topic specific workshops.

This event is sponsored by Greenlea Premier Meats.


About the workshop

The Farm Planning Workshop: Introduction  your farm, risks, and actions  supports the development of an active (written) farm plan. It includes documenting (or further documenting) key farm resources, opportunities, management of risks, implementing actions and the framework for monitoring and reviewing farm plans. 

This workshop is suitable for farmers with an existing Land Environment Plan (LEP) or Farm Environment Plan (FEP) and those wanting to start documenting their farm plan. The workshop style will cater to all farmers, and you can learn from others and work together on common risks and opportunities. 

  • You’ll learn hands-on, practical techniques you can use every day to identify and assess land management units and discuss the opportunities this provides for current and future management. 
  • You’ll start mapping your farm into Land Management Units, the basis of the environment module of a farm plan.
  • We’ll also consider risk assessment - identifying key risks and prioritising appropriate actions – and implementation of your farm plan.

Follow-up events

Follow-up events will occur one–two months after the first workshop and further sessions may be held at a later date on specific subjects as required. Subsequent workshops will be demand-led, covering areas you particularly want to focus on.

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COVID-19 framework

This event is operating under an orange traffic light. At the event, we encourage you to wear a mask indoors.

If you have cold or flu symptoms, are a household contact of a positive case or are awaiting the results from a COVID-19 test, please stay at home.